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Breaking down in the UK can be expensive, with a tow from a motorway easily costing several hundred pounds. Breaking down abroad anywhere in Europe can easily cost upwards of £1,000. When you consider the price of European breakdown cover, it makes sense to make sure you're covered before you set off.

European breakdown cover provides a whole range of benefits, but the two single most important benefits are protection against the potentially astronomical costs involved in being towed abroad, and the reassurance of knowing that if things go wrong and your vehicle breaks down or you're involved in an accident, you only have to make one call to someone who speaks your language, and the problem's dealt with.

What Is European Breakdown Cover?

European breakdown cover provides assistance in the event your car or vehicle breaks down, requiring either repair or towing. It may also cover recovery in the event of an accident. Additional benefits, which may be either included as standard or provided as optional features include the provision of a replacement vehicle in the event your own vehicle is not drivable, emergency accommodation and legal protection.

If your vehicle cannot be repaired abroad, many insurers will include vehicle recovery to the UK, and additionally some European breakdown cover providers will assist in the location of right-hand drive parts, although the parts themselves are unlikely to be included in the cover.

Legal advice is usually included in most policies, which is of particular benefit in the event of an accident. All of these benefits provide tremendous peace of mind, and for both those travelling alone and those with families or children, having the right level of European breakdown cover is critical.

What Are The Different Types Of European Breakdown Cover?

Generally speaking there are four main types of European breakdown cover, and it's important to make sure you choose the right one, not just from the point of view of getting value for money without paying for more than you need, but also to make sure that you really are covered properly and fully.

One common mistake made each year by people who have European assistance is forgetting to advise the company that you have either a trailer or a caravan. European breakdown cover usually won't include this unless you state your need to have it included. Not having the right cover can become very expensive.

The four main types of European cover are:

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