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It's a fact that over 6 million mobile phones are lost, stolen or damaged EVERY year in the UK. Assuming all 60 million people in the UK own one mobile phone, that's one in ten of us every year that will require a new mobile phone due to loss, theft or damage.

Whilst some home insurance policies will cover your mobile, it's often not as comprehensive as a full mobile phone insurance policy might be. Accidental damage for example might be excluded as might the cost of any calls made after the phone was lost or stolen.

As many smartphones now cost in excess of £400 to replace (with more elaborate models such as the iPhone costing significantly more), making sure your handset is adequately covered by insurance is becoming more and more important.

Many mobile phone networks and phone shops will arrange insurance for you, usually at the start of a new contract. However, this is often not the most cost-effective way of getting cover and by shopping around, cheaper alternatives can often be found elsewhere.

What Is Covered By Mobile Phone Insurance?

You're typically covered for the three main risks of loss, theft or damage.

Loss: This is where you accidentally lose your phone, perhaps having left it in a taxi, in a restaurant or just dropping it without realising. According to recent statistics, 1.6 millions phones are lost every year in the UK!

Theft: This is where a criminal act is involved and your phone was actually taken from you. According to Police figures, 1.3 million phones are stolen every year.

Damage: When your phone is damaged, your insurance policy will often pay for it to be repaired or replaced. Water damage seems to be the most common claim, with 1.2 million phones a year being damaged having been dropped down the loo, in a drink or accidentally put in the washing machine.

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