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Pet Insurance FAQs

Why do I need pet insurance?

Pet insurance is there to provide peace of mind for a small monthly payment. If your pet developed a serious illness it could cost thousands of pounds to treat. Pet insurance enables you to go straight ahead with treatment, without worrying about how to cover the cost.

What is generally covered by pet insurance?

Pet insurance covers vet fees for treating your pet in case of unexpected illness or accident. Some policies also cover extras such as compensation if your pet goes missing. See our pet insurance cover page for a more comprehensive guide to what is covered by pet insurance.

How do I buy and pay for it?

It's easy to buy online - once you've entered all the details about your pet you'll be given a price which is the amount that will be automatically debited each month. Most policies run for a 12 month period after which you'll be asked if you want to renew.

What is usually not covered?

Any situation or circumstances that you are already aware of are usually excluded from the policy, for example existing illnesses.

When should I take out pet insurance?

As soon as you get a pet, as an expensive injury or illness can happen at any point. Many policies start after a set period (say 2 weeks) after taking the policy out to protect the providers against fraud.

What affects the price of the policy?

Type of animal, breed, age, previous illness, type of cover provided. So a basic policy on a young mixed breed pet will be cheaper than a policy on an older pedigree animal with a history of illness.

What animals can be covered?

Most companies offer cat insurance and dog insurance but cover is also available for horses, rabbits and exotic pets. Any animal that might undergo expensive treatment could be covered.

How do the policies differ?

Lifetime cover
This would give cover in the case of a lifelong condition, such as diabetes, which needs treatment for the lifetime of the pet and beyond the 1 year term of the policy.

Some policies include extras such as compensation is pet dies or goes missing, cattery/kennels if you are in hospital

The excess which is payable varies between different policies. Some policies require an excess to be paid for every claim, others only once for every condition within the term of the policy. Our pet insurance comparison table compares the polices and premiums of leading UK pet insurance providers.

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